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DLE - R/C's best buy in gasoline economy
DLE Engines

Compare the performance of DLE engines to other leading brands, and they're as good as anything out there. But compare them on price and value, and DLE is the clear winner. DLE Engines are priced well below (hundreds less than) comparable engines with electronic ignition, yet include a muffler and other items that are added costs on other engines.

DLE engines also offer the protection of a full, 2-year limited warranty and access to replacement parts and professional repair staff at the factory-authorized service center in Champaign, Illinois.

Compare top-end performance to bottom-line price, and you'll discover that the best buy in gasoline performance is DLE!

Here's why!
  • They're the low-cost option in lasting gasoline performance

  • Flight-oriented features and design

  • High power-to-weight ratio

  • DLE fully automatic ignition

  • CNC-machined and –processed parts for precision & longer life
  • Sealed, high-quality NSK bearings

  • Lightweight, aluminum alloy crankcase and piston

  • Easy access to factory-authorized parts and service

  • 2-year limited warranty

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